Site Advertising

Package Ad Type Maximum
Length (sec)
Dimensions Cost
Bronze Button #1/ Button #2 40K :15 120 X 90 Pixels (#1)
120 X 60 Pixels (#2)
$20.00 -$40.00
Silver Full Banner 40K :15 468 X 60 Pixels $60.00
Gold Wide Skyscraper/ Skyscraper 40K :15 160 X 600 Pixels (Wide)
120 X 600 Pixels
$80.00- $100.00
Gold Plus Medium/ Large Rectangle 40K :15 300 X 250 Pixels (Medium)
336 X 280 Pixels (Large)
$120.00- $140.00
Platinum Leader board 40K :15 728 X 90 Pixels $200.00


NWAC Ad Size Descriptions

Below you will find a listing of each advertising package and its description. Choose which ad deems appropriate for your organization or upcoming event and be placed on our site! The Interactive Advertising Bureau maintains a list at its site and Google provides examples of the ads and their typical placement.

Platinum- Leader boards (728×90 pixels)
Leader boards are the most common Web ads, making up 30% of all online display ads, according to Nielsen//Net Ratings. They are frequently found at the top or bottom of a website and stretch across a page from end to end.

Gold Plus- Medium/large rectangles (300×250 pixels and 336×280)
These box-like ads are often used to interrupt text content; paragraphs form around them. This gives the ads a stronger chance at being seen since users read around them.

Gold-Wide skyscraper and skyscraper (160×600 and 120×600)
These appropriately named tall ads usually run down the left or right side of a site.

Silver- Full banner (468×60)
Full banners look like smaller leader boards.

Bronze- Button #1/Button #2 (120×90 and 120×60)
Buttons are small, box-like ads that usually don’t offer functionality beyond a link to a site. They can feature animation.