Room Rental at NWAC

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The Northwest Activities Center is home to the Paul Robeson Performing Arts Theater, the DeRoy/Young Ballroom that includes an adjoining Conference Suite and has five meeting rooms. The Center also has a full-service commercial kitchen. The Paul Robeson Performing Arts Theater and Auditorium rental includes the use of dressing rooms, prop storage and office space. Catering services are available from several local chefs.

Booking Notice

Northwest Activities Center now requires a $250.00 security deposit for the Ballroom, Theater and Gym rental spaces and a $100.00 deposit for Space 6. All deposits are returned to the patron upon seven (7) business days providing the spaces are left in decent order and all personal effects are removed at the events end. 

Room rates are subject to change and do not include equipment including audio/visual equipment, or other incidentals. Please contact NWAC Booking Office for more information.


Space Capacity Size (sq. ft.) Rate
Paul Robeson Performing Arts Theater and Auditorium 488 $2,000-$2,500

(2 day rental)


(1 day rental)

Theater Dressing Rooms and Storage Area 30 2,400 (free with theater)
DeRoy/Young Ballroom and Suite 250 Banquet
500 Auditorium
4,582 $800.00
(catering avaliable)
Suite only 40 Banquet
70 Auditorium
837 $70.00/hr.
Rental Space 2 50 500 $80.00/hr.
Rental Space 3 40 500 $45.00/hr.
Rental Space 4 15 460 $30.00/hr.
Rental Space 5 50 840 $70.00/hr.
Rental Space 6 96 1,500 $100.00/hr.
Rental Space 8 40 500 $45.00/hr.
Rental Space 9 40 500 $45.00/hr.
Rental Space 10 40 500 $45.00/hr.

Special Rental Spaces

Gym $100.00/hr.
Lobby $50.00 for 0-8 hours




Additional Costs

Additional Table $10

Additional Chair $4

Sound System Rental $25/hr

Projector and Screen $25/hr


Approved Caterers for the Northwest Activities Center

Full Circle Catering
Ms. Judith Martin-Townsend &/or Ms. Charnella Brown
18100 Meyers Avenue
Detroit, MI 48235
Phone: 313-533-7488
Fax: 313-533-7488
Ely’s Catering
Mr. Clifton Ely
18100 Meyers Avenue
Detroit, MI 48235
Phone: 248-875-4320
Fax: N/A