About Us


Welcome to the Northwest Activities Center. Located on the northwest side of Detroit at the corner of Meyers Road and Curtis Ave, the Northwest Activities Center has programs, resources and activities for the entire family.

The Center opened its doors in 1975. Since then it has been an anchor in northwest Detroit and a community hub that serves more than 250,000 Detroit residents each year. Beyond the wide range of free and cost effective programs and services available, the Center also have space available for rental for practically every need. Visit our Facility Rental Page for details about the spaces at the Center available for rent.

A new addition to the Northwest Activities Center is Fifth Third Bank. Fifth Third Bank has located their new micro-branch in the lobby of the newly renovated lobby of the Center.

The Northwest Activities Center is committed to providing activities and programs for everyone from youth to seniors. It is our mission to provide programs and activities for youth, families and seniors that enhance the quality of life in the Detroit community that are cost effective. We do this by offering programs and activities in a clean, safe and vibrant facility that appeal to the community.

Ronald R. Lockett

Executive Director

Mr. Lockett started his professional career as an administrator/direct care worker in runaway youth services. Over the past twenty-five years, Ronald Lockett has served youth in various capacities ranging from childcare worker to public school teacher to administrator. After graduating from Wayne State University, Mr. Lockett led a research family support service program that became a national model for juvenile diversion with participants experiencing low recidivism rates.

During the 1990’s, Mr. Lockett worked as a division chief in youth departments in county governments in Detroit and Seattle. Also, during the 1990’s Mr. Lockett was a special education teacher at Pershing High School in Detroit. In January 2002, Mr. Lockett was appointed by Mayor Kwame M. Kilpatrick as Director of the Youth Department for the City of Detroit and has been appointed as the Executive Director/CEO of Northwest Community Programs, Inc/Northwest Activities Center in November 2002.

Northwest Activities Center Board of Directors


Kim Tandy, Chairwoman
18100 Meyers Road
Detroit, MI 48235
Kerwin Wimberly, Vice Chair
18100 Meyers Road
Detroit, MI 48235
Nick Assemacher, Corporate Secretary
Byna Elliot, Treasurer



Ms. Kizzi Montgomery
Director of Government Affairs
Office of Mayor Dave Bing
2 Woodward Ave., Suite 1126
Detroit, Michigan 48226
(313) 224-3760
Mr. Bradley Dick
Director, General Services Department
18100 Meyers Road
Detroit, Michigan 48235
(313) 628-0913
Mr. Shaheed Saleem
8710 West Outer Drive
Detroit, MI 48219
(313) 580-9186
Mr. Craig Vanderburg
1460 Wellesley Drive
Detroit MI 48203
Mr. Harvey Brookins
19585 Roslyn Road
Detroit, Michigan 48221
(313) 492-9115
Mr. Charles Brown
15011St. Marys
Detroit MI 48227
(313) 412-7786